“Such feel and love in their sound. I dig it. Great use of dynamics and transitions. Modena brings you into their story. They write the chapter as you hear each driven, passionate riff with top notch vocal lines and harmonies, solid drumming, groovy bass, and just a tight, intricately woven band.”

   -Ryan Reedy, music producer - Ryan Reedy Music Studios

“Your music has captured me from the get go! There is a uniqueness in your style, and I find your music quite refreshing, and not only that...you guys are the friendliest peeps out there! I wish you all the best and keep on rocking!! ”

  -Tracey, Modena fan - California, USA



“'The Chosen Few' is full of great hooks that stick in your head - it’s infectious, it’s viral, and if any song had a chance of being number 1 on a chart, it’s Modena’s 'The Chosen Few'!”​ 


  -Gulfcoastmusic.com review

“'Hang it High' features two of my favorite things in metal music: chunky guitar and pinched harmonics. I found myself singing along to each song after only hearing the chorus a few times. You can’t help but bob your head and tap your foot to the beat.”

  -Sue Hardee - RaleighMusic.com

"Amazing music. Intricate music that rocks. The guitar playing and solos are out of the world. Strong voices, too! You'll be very happy with this worthwhile purchase. I look forward to their next release."

  -iTunes fan review

Our Story

MODENA offers a professional yet edgy sound for fans of all rock and roll sub-genres. Hailing from North Carolina, the band met more than a decade ago through a mix of mutual friends. After years of perfecting new material and honing their stage skills on the road, the band raised enough money through the crowdfunding website Kickstarter to record their first full length album with legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank).

'LEVERAGE' is littered with catchy hooks, soulful bass lines, and crunchy guitars. Combined with tight percussion, vocal harmonies, and epic guitar solos, these elements make up a unique wall of sound. Listeners are engaged into overdrive with well thought out songwriting and a straight ahead hard rock sound that is sure to leave you wanting more. 

Recently, the two founding members have been very active in working with other artists. From producing demos for other bands, to helping solo artists find their sound, or inspiring today's youth to become tomorrow's musicians - these are just a few examples of how a "local band" has gained the attention of people from across the globe. With the new single "What I Want" due to be released later this year, their highly anticipated sophomore album is panning out to be their best work yet.

MODENA is all about experiencing this journey with the ones who make it all possible: the fans. So grab your headphones, turn up the volume, and get ready to rock!